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We provide Precision Water Jet Cutting Services. Our WaterJet Cutting Machines can cut through any material 30cm thick, from Solid Titanium to Glass and Carbon Fibre. Precision parts for any industry from Motorsports to Jigsaw makers, perfectly cut with perfectly finished edges which require no secondary finishing.

We're passionate about helping businesses improve their efficiency by offing cutting service which can create as many parts from one material source as possible and reduce wastage.
"Perfect cuts everytime for your custom parts from a single piece to multiple production."
-Pure Precision Engineering
Waterjet Precision Cutting Machine

WaterJet Cutting

Our Precision WaterJet Cutting machine can cut through virtually any material from glass to titanium with absolute precision and a perfect edge finish. The cut is less than 0.8mm wide

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Precision Plastic Cutting Example

Plastic Cutting

WaterJet Cutting is perfect for Precision Cutting of Plastics and Wood materials which would normally be damaged by laser and heat generating cutting sources, Waterjet leaves a perfect finish.

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Precision Cut Metal

Precision Cut Metal

Our WaterJet Cutter can slice through any metal up to 30cm thick from solid steel to titanium we can cut almost any design perfectly with minimal waste and no melting or edges to be cleaned-up .

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Precision Carbon Fibre Cutting

Carbon Fibre Cutting

Precision Carbon Fibre Cutting can be perfectly achieved using our WaterJet Cutting Machine. Carbon Fibre Cutting is notoriously difficult, our cutting services can cut perfectly ideal for precision sports parts.

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Custom precision cutting from any material from Motorsport parts to Jigsaws maximising material use. Learn more…

What we cut?

  • Cut Any Solid Material upto 30cm thick
  • Steel Cutting
  • Plastic Cutting
  • Custom Brake Pads
  • Precision Cut Parts
  • Clean Finish

Explore the endless possibilities

Precision Cut Parts
We can cut almost anything you desire, custom tile cuts to plastic parts, Abrasive Waterjet Cutting is clean and efficient leaving your material with the perfect finish. Cuts can be done to within a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm in materials up to 100mm thick and material up to 300mm thick with almost the same tolerances. The narrow kerf, about 1mm wide means that very little material is wasted in cutting enabling us to ensure you get the maximum out of your material and produce minima waste. We can use far less material than a Laser cutter as the kerf is so precise and small in comparison to a laser cutter. AWJ cutting process can effectively cut very hard material, such as engineering ceramics. Hard and brittle material is also suitable for AWJ cutting, since the forces used are low, which makes the material less likely to break.

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